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Sophie Tilley

Designer - Illustrator - Author 

I have always had a passion for all things hand crafted passed down to me by my parents who made most of my toys as a child, sometimes bought from second hand shops and lovingly restored and transformed into something beautiful. Being the only girl with two older brothers, dolls became very much part of my life ,their clothes always hand sewn by my French mother. She loved to create a doll with a story which made the joy of receiving it even more magical. She had a little vintage caravan in her garden which was her creative and happy place where she would sew and write. Sadly she and that caravan have long gone but in memory of her and all her loveliness, creativity and Joie De Vie, I designed and created the Tilley wood dolls. I also have my own creative studio in the garden, a green shepherds hut which is where all the magic happens.

my shepherds hut dream. without tilley.jpg

About Sophie Tilley

Coming from family of artists with writer and graphic designer Patrick Tilley being a huge inspiration. Sophie started her creative career as a fiction writer for IPC Magazines and then moved over into the fashion and beauty sector where she was able to indulge her love of clothes and creative styling on fashion shoots, visuals and magazine layouts. Her art and illustration background led her to work successfully with publishers and product licensers in the development of cards and toys for the gift market and her work has been featured in various craft magazines over the years.

Illustrator - Author 

She has published numerous books including two Salt Dough Books for Hamlyn Reed and has been the illustrator of the best selling series "Princess Evie's Magic Ponies" which has sold worldwide published by Simon & Schuster. She followed this writing and illustrating two books for Bloomsbury Publications "Amelie & Nanette Sparkly Shoes & Picnic Parties" & "Amelie & Nanette Snowflakes & Christmas Wishes. 

Princess Evie


In 2000 Sophie created the Tilley Wood Dolls, the production of which has become her main business today. Her dolls have found news homes across the globe and have been featured in various craft magazines over the years.

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