Free print out for the Base Doll Kits

Just Click on the images below to download and print out on A4 size paper.

All images are copyrighted to Sophie Tilley and are only for single use and not to be re-produced for re-sale.

doll sheet copy flat.jpg

I tend to use a good craft acrylic paint when painting my dolls and the ones I like the best are the "Apple Barrel" paints and " Decoart Crafters Acrylic. To finish off I usually use the 'Decoart Matt Varnish.

Don't be disheartened if you do make a mistake

when painting your doll. Wait until the paint is dry and then sand off the paint with a very fine sand paper and start again.

 new test sheet back.jpg

Print out this sheet to practise drawing your faces before painting on the wood.

Pattern 1

Free easy peezy dress patterns


Click on pattern to download PDF and print out on A4 paper

dress pattern large.jpg
dress pattern smaller doll.jpg

Dress Pattern 2 for Large Doll Kit

dress pattern lpage 4.jpg

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