My wooden doll bases are all individually handcrafted and made from Uk sourced beechwood. Her arms & legs have been hand shaped and all parts have pre-drilled holes for easy threading with string and simple knot fastening.  

The dolls come in two sizes-Large 27cm in length when complete and small measuring 21cm.

I have created an easy starter dress pattern to get you going and a good base for you to embellish or elaborate as you wish. To download the pattern please click on the download buttons below and print out on your computer on A4 - setting your printer scale to 100%.

For Step by Step instructions follow the pictures below.

Free Dress pattern Download 

Large Doll

dress pattern large.jpg

Small Doll

dress pattern smaller doll.jpg


With your base kit you will get a starter fabric bundle randomly selected but enough to get you started and hopefully get your creative juices flowing.

E0EFE5CC-EF60-4223-BF32-2C4491BE39BE 2.J

All kits comes with a test sheet

so you can practise drawing your face before committing the paint to the wood.


I suggest using a good quality craft paint like DecoArt Crafters Acrylic which always provides a good coverage and they have a great range of colours. A good tip is to finish off with a matte varnish.

IMG_2252 3.jpg

IMG_2255 3.jpg

Dress Pattern

54C4652A-1639-483D-B5F8-63FA61CB5460 2.J

After you have downloaded and printed out the pattern, neatly cut out all the pattern pieces.

You will need fabric scissors, co-ordinating thread/cotton - Pins - needle and pinking shears if you have them. A paper awl or a large embroidery needle (fabric glue- optional)

1) Choose your fabrics and cut out all the pattern pieces


2) Take the Bodice piece and with wrong side facing fold over 1cm on the top edge

IMG_2266 3.jpg

3) You can either glue or machine stitch this fold. I like to hand sew and either do a neat running stitch or back stitch on the front side.

IMG_2282 3.jpg

4) Take the skirt piece and do a loose running stitch 1cm down to gather the skirt to the width of the bodice and tie off your thread.

IMG_2288 3.jpg

5) Place the bodice and skirt with right sides facing and pin into place evening out your gathers as much as you can. Machine or backstitch into place along your gathered stitch line.

IMG_2294 3.jpg

7) The front should look something like this


9) Trim off excess fabric with pinking sheers and turn right side out.


6) Trim of excess fabric to reduce bulk around the waist.

IMG_2300 3.jpg

8) Fold the dress in half right sides facing and pin together then machine or hand sew 1cm in from the edge. Be careful not to make this seam too wide as you will not be able to get it over your dolls head.


10) You can ether finish off the dress with a simple rolled hem or add a lace trim.

IMG_2311 3.jpg

11) And this is how it should look on your doll.



1) With wrong side facing turn over 5mm from the bottom edge of the sleeve piece and either glue or top stitch.

IMG_2318 3.jpg

3) Machine or hand stitch along the pencil line and trim off excess fabric as shown.


5) Slot your dolls arm into the sleeve and feel for the pre-drilled hole with your awl or embroidery needle and pierce through the fabric and thread through the string. Do the same with the arm holes on your dolls body and attach your arms.

IMG_2335 3.jpg

2) Fold the sleeve fabric in half, right sides facing and take one of your arms and place it as illustrated to create a 3/4 sleeve. With a pencil draw a 3mm line around the edge.

IMG_2325 3.jpg

4) Turn right side out


6) Tie off your arms with a neat knot and you are done!


You can finish off the look with a simple headscarf or ribbon.