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I have been desiging and making Tilley dolls for many years now and I deceided to create a kit so that other doll lovers could enjoy the experience too. My basic kit is a blank canvas for you to create your own unique doll, painting and dressing her as you wish. All our wood dolls have been handcrafted from uk sourced beech and the arms and legs hand shaped. All parts come with pre-drilled holes for easy assembly with simple thread and knot fastening, So If you would like to fly solo and create your own doll then my base kit is just for you. Assembled the doll measures 21cm. I have also designed a test sheet that you can download so you can practise drawing and painting your features before committing paint to wood and with plenty of encouragement from me along the way. 

Tilley Wood Base kit

  • PLEASE NOTE : If you are purchashing from outside of the UK, you may be charged import duty depending on the terms & conditions of your country. We are not liable for any extra charges that you may incur.

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