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Little Red Riding Hood Sophie Tilley Handmade Dolls
Sophie Tilley Handmade Dolls, Shepherds Hut

Designer - Illustrator - Author

Hello and welcome to the world of Tilley Wood dolls. I have always had a passion for all things handmade passed down to me by my parents who were both creatives. Most of our toys as children were handmade or items bought from secondhand shops, lovingly restored and transformed into something beautiful. I have done the same with my own children and now with my grandchildren. I created Tilley Wood in 2000 and she has been my passion and joy alongside my illustration and book work. As a child I always loved the scene in the original Mary Poppins when they all jumped into the chalk picture into a magical world and that is what I wanted to create for Tilley Wood, that loveliness and escape.

I hope you will enjoy looking at all the dolls you see here and maybe feel inspired to have a go yourself .The Tilley Wood base kits are a great place to start!

Thank you for dropping by and hope to see you again soon!


Sophie x

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