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My Shepherds Hut 

Itʼs funny how a colour becomes so dominant in oneʼs life but not in an overbearing way. Green has always been a colour I am drawn to, perhaps because I live in North Wales and I am surrounded by its lush green landscape. I use green a lot in my illustrations and just like nature itʼs always a great background for the wonderful vibrant palette of seasonal flowers when they come into bloom. In Tilley Woods magical world there are flowers all year round. Green has been significant also in my choice of Shepherds hut as I wanted it to blend in to my environment. I hope to create a similar garden to the one I dreamt up for my character Tilley Wood, however I donʼt think I will ever match her gardening skills but thankfully my husband has the green fingers in the family although I am a willing helper and eager to learn.

I have had a few outdoor studios over the years always preferring to work away from the house. I think having your own space to escape to is very important and perhaps more so if you are a creative when you need that head space.

This is my first shepherds hut and I absolutely love it. It is still a work in progress but I want things in there that have a story like my mothers up cycled mirror or my husbands childhood desk. Itʼs lovely being surrounded by happy memories  and  makes a very cosy workspace.

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